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Meet Jen Punzel: EAGLE Board President

Fellow Supporters of Great Lakes Issues I was asked to write a bio about myself for this issue's newsletter. I struggled with that since I really don't find myself all that fascinating. What is important to me, and much more fascinating, are the issues, especially when it comes to the preservation of our freshwater resources. I became involved with EAGLE several years ago because I wanted to be an active part of an organization that cares deeply about the Great Lakes and all connections to them.

Like many people, perhaps you, I am drawn to water. I feel a deep spiritual kinship with it. For as long as I can remember, I have gone to a place with water; a lake, pond, or river, when I need to relax, to work things out, to find inspiration. EAGLE has been a mentor for me in environmental activism in a world where mass media portrays that one person can't make a difference, that environmental issues will never be on the forefront of political agendas, that no matter what you do or how much you try, nothing will change. EAGLE has challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone to continue to fight for the environment and more importantly. EAGLE has shown me that one person, one small organization at the western tip of Lake Superior CAN make a difference and have a resounding effect on individuals, communities, and yes, even the world! It's not easy. It's not glamorous. And sometimes the immense obstacles drag you down in the muck. But even on the absolute worst days when you're about to run out of funds or raw sewage runs rampant with spring rains into the Great Lakes or another bottling company has tapped into your aquifer - it only takes one supporter who sees another way to educate the public, who finds another way to fund raise so this vital mission can continue, and who inspires others to continue fighting for the health of our Great Lakes.

I don't have a wall of impressive diplomas. And I sure don't have a big wallet. What I do have is the passion and the belief that I can make a difference because I stay involved. I donate my time and whatever skills I possess that can benefit EAGLE's vision. If you aren't already, I urge you to be involved with Great Lakes issues that interest you. I know you have much to offer. I'll leave you with an adaptation of a phrase from a well-known and loved character - the Lorax, that summarizes my purpose; I'm a board member of EAGLE and I speak for the Great Lakes.

Jen is a natural resources educator with the Wisconsin DNR.    more...


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Will chemicals be thrust into the atomsphere similar to the mercury situation from burning coal that now lies in the bottom of our lakes?10/26/2004 8:13:07 AM
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