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Minnesota court protects ice-fishermen


ST. PAUL, Minn. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that fishermen have a reasonable right to privacy inside their ice-fishing houses and conservation officers must get permission before entering to check for fishing violations.

The ruling stemmed from an incident in Rice County, south of St. Paul, in which a conservation officer doing a routine spot check entered an ice-fishing house and eventually charged an angler with fishing with an extra line and possession of marijuana.   more...


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When it comes to what we are trying to protect with privacy laws, I wonder if anyone ever heard of honesty has no fear. I have never been one to say no to any law enforcement agent whether a policeman or game warden when asked to examine me or my property. I believe that it is only right to be willing to cooperate with the law enforcement community. After all, they are there to help me and protect me. If I am doing something that I shouldn't but am not aware of it, they will let me know about it and in most cases only issue me a warning. These people who want to use privacy laws to keep the truth about what they are doing illegally from being known, are only making it more difficult for the law enforcement people to do what they are supposed to be doing. I would object to just anyone who comes along wanting to examine me or my property but when it comes to someone who has a sound reason and is every bit someone I would be willing to trust with my life and could very well be the one who is there to save my life someday. I don't think it is in my best interest to make ther job anymore difficult than it already is. I have of course seen times when that law enforcement officer is more like a gestopo than a protector of freedom but they are few and far between for me. Even with that sort of policing action, there is still good reason behind what they are doing. They are probably just having a hard day and maybe have had a run-in with one of those people who resist them with cry's of invation of their privacy to the extreme. I firmly believe that most law enforcement officers are very good people with a very good attitude towards all the people they encounter during their work day. I also believe that they deserve more respect than a lot of people are giving them. Obviously , criminals don't respect the law and that's why we call them criminals. We have gone to far I think with this nonsense of privacy to the point of which we have taken the concept of freedom to be without any reason. I mean we are making ourselves so defensive that we are giving up the first line of defence to be protected, for the right to be free of it. We are putting the cart in front of the horse and not living the way free people should be living. Freedom is not and never should be free. We earn our freedom every day by being honest and respectful of the laws that are there to protect us all. This is a society and not a single person that freedom and it's laws are writen for. We need to focus on what is good for all the people and stop putting so much effort in personalizing the law to the point that it no longer serves it's purpose for all the people. We need to remember, " that without the we there would be no I." Pat Waite ,Canton Mi.7/30/2005 4:13:37 AM
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