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High-tech hunting: Site lets you shoot game from home


I know this has nothing to do with "water" but you gotta read this...editor

BOERNE, Texas -- Howard Giles was beginning to think he would never get a decent shot at the wild hog. But about an hour into the hunt, the beast finally moved into the rifle's sights, and Giles fired -- with the click of a mouse.

That's right, Giles was in his home office in San Antonio, aiming at the animal using a program on his computer. The hog was eating soured corn in the Texas Hill Country 45 miles away, oblivious to the remote-controlled 30.06 rifle pointing at his neck.

"There was a lot of anticipation. My heart was pumping," Giles recalled. "I felt like I was there."

Welcome to the controversial union of modern technology and game hunting. It's called Live-Shot.com, and it's operated by San Antonio body-shop estimator John Lockwood. The Web site allows anyone with Internet access and a mouse to hunt and target shoot by remote control, all in real time.   more...

How online hunting works .... more...


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I'm Ready for on line fishing!3/10/2005 9:36:05 AM
Personally, for me online hunting is pretty distasteful. But then again I like to hear the birds tweeting and smell the wet leaves on the forest floor while I'm in the woods. Fishing and hunting is more of a personal, up close experience for me and I do not believe that I would get much out of hunting from my computer. Especially just to do it to be able to say that I have. However, what do I know. We already have 'virtual' sex, online prayer, electronic gambling, plus scads of other 'do it from afar' things you can do from your computer so why not 'anything'. Makes me wonder......how about remote game violation arrests? The C.O. could just 'see' you violating over a remote camera and send you a ticket. Opps! It's already here. Been done. ps--by the way editor, I'll pick ya up on saturday morn for some fishing on Lake St. Clair. Wait for me justy outside the Comcast.net home page. I'll be the one driving the jpeg Datsun. :] :] :]3/10/2005 9:55:56 AM
Thanks Jerry. Mind if I bring my Virtual Sex partner? She loves carping :)3/10/2005 10:41:36 AM
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