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Cast out close to home for fly-fishing


ST. JOHNS -- A week ago I ran into a friend from Troy on a trout stream near Grayling. He mentioned that it was the first chance he had to go fly-fishing since mid-May.

He waggled the beautiful and expensive Sage 4-weight rod he bought last summer and said, "I've only had a chance to use this four times. It seems like I'm always so busy lately that it's hard to break away for two or three days Up North."

I thought of him as I waded knee-deep along the shoreline of Lake Ovid at Sleepy Hollow State Park. This certainly didn't qualify as "Up North" by any stretch of the imagination. It's barely 15 miles north of Lansing.

But I still had a fly rod in hand and was catching lots of fish. True, they weren't trout. They were sunfish and largemouth bass, and there were lots of them. And if an angler is truthful, he'll admit that a 10-inch bluegill fights harder than a 10-inch trout.  more...


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I agree whole-heartedly! My husband and I have some of the best fly-fishing in our little 30 acre lake right here in Oakland County! Call me crazy, but I think that the sunfish, bluegill and Bass just aren't used to the sneak attack of a fly line. They bite every time. Makes for an exciting day of catch and release! -Andrea7/11/2005 3:13:32 PM
andrea austin
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