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Election year a good time to draw attention to precious state resource


If there was ever a time to push for protection of the Great Lakes in Washington, it's now. The steady stream of presidential candidates and their supporters in the state shows they are listening to our concerns, including our worries about water. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Leavitt noted on a visit to Grand Rapids last week that Michigan and other "battleground states" have great "regional throw weight" right now.

Both President Bush and Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry acknowledge the importance of the Great Lakes. But campaign talk is not cash. How much money are they are willing to devote to the task of restoring and maintaining these fresh-water treasures? Election-year promises will give way to business as usual in Washington once the votes are counted. Our representatives will have to make sure that whomever is elected president doesn't forget his commitment.    more...


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It is not a matter of who will give money to protect the great lakes. It is a matter of how much they will burocracy it will take to spend where it is really needed. which leaves us with the fact the republicans can spend more money figuring out how to spend it then they have to spend to begin with. If all they are going to do is study the problem then forget it . It wont be there by the time they are done studying the problem because they will have spent it on all the studying of the problem.9/2/2004 2:27:00 AM
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