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Chicago - Mac (Almost)


By almost all accounts (except perhaps the 90' Genuine Risk or any of the class winners - winning has a way of erasing the memory), the '04 Chicago Mac race was a hideously light air punishment. Paul van Dyke from Halsey Lidgard Sailmakers gives us a peek at the pain.

I sailed on a 38-foot catamaran called Nice Pair. Nice Pair of hulls I guess. The boat is owned by the most excellent Bruce. It is probably very quick in breeze and on a reach. I would not know because we never reached in breeze during the entire race. Unfortunately it was light air beating for a large chunk of the race. We will get to the bad part of this story first and that is we withdrew at the end because we were going nowhere. You feel like crap doing that but it got me thinking that maybe there is more to sailing than winning.

I am still thinking about it.

Anyway we were getting our butt kicked and there was no wind and it was Monday night and it was starting to really stink so we bailed. Quitting probably gives a worse feeling then getting crushed because it does not go away until next year. Looking at the finishes we would have crossed the line around 8:30am Tuesday and corrected out to DFL. So it was a less than successful trip know matter how you look at the score sheet. DNF? Or DFL?   more...



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This is really. Send me info8/5/2004 3:45:01 PM
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