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The 10 Keys for Consistent Results


by Wally Cross

Sail boat racing can be very hard and with out systems and rules to race with the results will vary. I like to have ten keys or rules to remember every time I race so we can eliminate the bad races.

Rule One


This is one rule I have to keep telling myself after the start, part way up the first leg, early on the leeward leg and through out the race. We all believe at times we know what the wind will do, yet the reality is we do not know for sure, yet have hunches on a possible shift. After being more wrong than right I decided to enforce this rule when ever possible.

Shortly after the start I will be constantly asking the crew on the rail if we can cross. Now if you start to windward and most of the fleet is to leeward in control this rule will not apply. Often we will start at least a third the way down the line and our total focus early is to sail the boat in a high, slow target to force the windward boat to tack early. Once it is possible to tack and cross a majority of the fleet, we tack.


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Wally Really nice article on top tips to remember when it is to complex to think about multi-input decisions. No wonder you win races. Rob Amsler12/13/2005 9:57:50 PM
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