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Dumped sewage risks health


Metro Detroit wastewater treatment plants have released more than 40 billion gallons of raw or only partially treated sewage into area waterways over the past three years, a volume so large that it surprised some environmentalists.

While excessive storm water in the system remains the biggest cause, many of the discharges were prompted by old and malfunctioning plants, according to a Detroit News analysis of sewage overflows.

Environmental groups and scientists say the frequency and volume of the releases - outlined in reports by the state Department of Environmental Quality - lead to repeated closures of swimming beaches and warnings to curtail other open-water activities like boating.

"Every time raw sewage is released, that means there are more parasites and other things in the water to make people sick," said Joan Rose, Homer Nowlin chair in Water Research at Michigan State University's Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.  more...


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Does anybody still believe that "sewage blending" is a good idea? I think that it is time that WE REPAIR THE INFRASTRUCTURE! Please take the time to write your congressmen. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go to the beach without the worry of swimming with the brown trouts? Yes, it will be extremely costly, but we need to do it. -- Eric Hough1/31/2005 7:56:15 AM
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