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Matching Minnows

Wife Jane with a nice walleye caught after an afternoon of experimenting with different bait.

How many times have you ventured onto the ice confident that you had the best minnows you could buy, fish all day and never got a bite.

Was it the presentation? Location? Maybe you were simply using the wrong minnows. Ah! A minnow is a minnow you say. Not true.

Every lake is different and supports different fish and baitfish. A deep, clear trout lake may have suckers, dace and shiners as prey, while a shallow bass pond supports mud minnows and dace.

A huge body of water like Lake Ontario has immense schools of gizzard shad and alewife followed by schools of hungry walleye and salmon.

If you know the baitfish that are in a lake you can present the right bait (or imitation). Do your homework and you'll come home with fish - it's simple. Match the minnow you're using to the lake you're fishing in.

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