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Defence Scientist Designs World Record Sail Craft


An Australian defence scientist has created the design for a revolutionary sail craft, based on a wing-borne hydrofoil concept, which he believes will break the world sailing speed record.

Mr Stephen Bourn, a mathematical scientist with the Adelaide-based Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), says his design will allow the craft to travel at more than twice the speed of the wind in which it is sailing. He also believes the design has potential applications for Defence, including wings for lightweight unmanned aircraft and high-speed hydrofoils for naval boats.

The theory has been proven on a series of radio-controlled models. The craft incorporates a wing-like sail, submerged hydrofoils and a cockpit for one 'pilot'.  more...


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This doesn't seem so far afield from the "Kites" used as propolsion for kite boarders and now on some sailboats. The idea of a hydrofoil and some vertical lift component is kinda neat though. I gotta imagine that it is a very bumpy ride though.8/15/2004 5:20:10 AM
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