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Time for Boating to Go Federal


A man-made catastrophe is unfolding on the St. Clair River in Michigan. The Army Corps of Engineers has undertaken a dredging task that has gone awry. The result has become an unexpected floodgate siphoning water from lakes Michigan and Huron and plummeting the water into Lake Erie. From all indications, the floodgate is expanding in size through erosion with each passing day due to the rapid flow of water through the river.

Presently this has resulted in a one-foot drop in lake levels directly attributable by some studies to the dredging, enough to cause marina operators on both lakes considerable worry. Lake levels are known to fluctuate from month-to-month and year-to-year, which is an expected part of the ups and downs of the lakes. But this drop is different, and all indications are that it will be permanent and worsen if the channel widens. How much worse no one seems to know, especially when one factors in all other natural precipitation factors.   more...


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Editor H2ONotes -- Ah, the power of the press. Able to turn theory into fact with a few keystrokes. This article takes a theory floated by an obscure group in Canada and treats it quite nonchalantly as truth. Further, this article implies that this is happening as we speak when, in reality, the dredging took place 50 years ago and the theoretical effects, if real, are taking place very slowly and over a very long-term. Shame on you for posting this.6/12/2005 7:54:56 AM
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