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Risky ice rescues pricey, recurrent for area agencies

PhotoEvery winter, emergency rescue crews say it's the same story on Lake Erie.

A dangerous floe strands a number of fishermen on the ice, forcing a risky rescue operation that costs taxpayers thousands.

It happened again Friday, and officials estimate the rescue of about 30 people on the ice off Crane Creek State Park could cost more than $35,000.

"People are going to do what they are going to," said Coast Guard Petty Officer Timothy Robertson.   more...


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dont we pay for the coast guard with tax money?isnt it a good thing to see poeple get rescued?is it realy cheaper if there where no rescues?i see the chopper in the air every day,i would feel a lot better if i needed help if i new that the poeple that where going to rescue me had a track record and new that they had help poeple.there are other areas in government that blow money [are tax money]why dont you show us the cost3/2/2005 7:42:51 AM
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