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The Ton Anchor

USA. Unique new anchor boasts 100% reliability 
The TON anchor has been designed to handle most of your anchoring needs:

  • Lower the TON backwards into the water, solid end down (shoveled end) nose up. This allows a smooth entry with no splash to bother the fish. The TON is balanced and will always upright itself.

  • Release enough rope for a 2 to 1 scope ratio. Feel the drag or tension in the line, you will feel the pull right away. More line will be necessary if the wind is strong and the water is rough.

  • The TONs shoveled nose will fill with any loose particles, pitch downward and start to bury itself.

  • Retrieving the TON is easy. Always keep tension on the rope, slowly get your boat over the top of the anchor. The tension on the rope will glide the ring across the slide bar, and lift the anchor up from the rear.

  • Stowing can be done anywhere. If there is no actual locker aboard, roll the TON so the slide bar is on the floor and simply place the anchor up against anything that doesn’t move.  Go to their Website.

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