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Georgian Bay bouncing back


__Title__aBucking a recent trend, water levels in Georgian Bay are beginning to rebound.
But the long-term prediction is the Great Lakes will continue to drop due to the effects of climate change.
That is the message Ted Yurzyk, co-director of the International Upper Great Lakes Study (IUGLS) board, delivered during a public meeting this spring that presented the results of a two-year study on lake levels particularly how they are affected by changes in the flow of the St. Clair River.


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Everytime I hear that Gobal Warming is going to have an effect on lowering Lake Levels. What about the Ocean levels rising? Surely that will have an effect on rising lake levels? Did I read the wrong expert lake level study? AND who are these experts? What are their backgrounds, credentials and how do they vote in elections? JLandon8/21/2009 11:40:17 AM
James Landon
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