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EDITORIAL: Deadly waters


Most of the time, people should be responsible for keeping themselves safe from naturally occurring hazards. Sometimes, the state needs to help. Public awareness is not always sufficient to protect people from very serious dangers.

One of those dangers is the rip currents of Lake Michigan's eastern shore. They are deadly. Yet the beach-going public consistently underestimates the threat.

We have long advocated that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources enforce a swimming ban at Warren Dunes State Park when the rip current danger is high.   more...


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I am not in favor of the state banning swimming on rip current days. To cover themselves from law suits, they will overreact and post more days than neccessary. Look at where we are at now--any public beach with lifeguards is roped off and you can not swim out over your head without being expelled from the swimming area, most hotels swimming pools are now only shallow pools---there are no diving boards. the essence of being a free and independent individual is to act responsibly on your own. Enough of the nanny state thinking. Paul Schloop5/17/2006 7:45:36 AM
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