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Edmund Fitzgerald life ring found


The life ring Joe Rasch and his daughters found.By Rachael Ruiz

Joe Rasch and his two daughters, Emily and Elizabeth, were looking for agates on the Lake Superior coastline last Friday. Instead, they found a piece of history - a life ring from the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Rasch admits he didn't realize what he found when he first saw the orange ring lying under a white pine tree that had fallen. Only when his daughter Emily read the words on the ring, it hit him.

"It was pretty hard to read," Emily said. "I saw the Ed pretty good, then Fitz, so."

They made the discovery near the Keweenau Peninsula, about 200 miles from where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in November 1975. Rasch said he gets chills whenever he carries the ring, and doesn't believe it was a coincidence.  more...

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is it possible for a life ring to remain floatable after all these years? or where did the ring come from8/9/2007 5:57:52 PM
dave heaslip
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