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Destruction of Aral Sea is a warning for U.S. Great Lakes


The Associated Press


Environmental writer Peter Annin recalls staring in fascinated horror at what had been the coast of the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan, now a desolate wasteland strewn with scrub brush and corroded hulls of abandoned fishing boats.

He had heard ominous references to the Aral disaster while studying the U.S. Great Lakes and wanted to see it for himself.
Once the world's fourth-largest inland water body, the Aral has shrunk to a quarter of its previous surface area in less than half a century the result of a Soviet-era decision to divert rivers feeding the sea to promote farming in that arid section of central Asia.

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And have we dammed up the feeder rivers like the USSR did to the Aral Sea? Are the Great Lakes surrounded by arid lands? This is not a very valid warning.....more like "the sky is falling" and Chicken Little.9/11/2006 5:05:48 PM
Greg Luckett
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