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Do Drink the Water


But first, use one of these methods of purification.

About 10 years ago I was fishing on the west slope of the Rockies with a buddy of mine. The water was so clean you could smell the freshness.

In the heat of the day my friend took a long drink right from the stream. I warned him not to, but he ignored me. Later, in deference to our friendship, I said nothing as he spent a day and a night in the sweaty twists and turns of “beaver fever,” caused by the cysts of the protozoan Giardia, which can be found just about anywhere.

Water gets polluted by lots of things: chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. Even crystalline brook water that looks as pure as the day the earth was formed might harbor the worst kinds of impurities. You can’t tell by looking, smelling or tasting. So you must purify every drop you drink.   more...


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The world is a man urinal. It's all the animals too!8/4/2004 7:20:36 AM
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