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Don't Snub Your Tow


After an angry Great Lakes storm, a friend of mine found his boat parked on a sandbar. It had to be lifted by a crane, and then hauled to the boatyard for inspection and repair. The salvage and towing tab was several thousand dollars. But his regular boat insurance policy and special towing coverage teamed up to foot the entire bill. Needless to say, he's never late with a towing policy payment now.

So, who should have towing coverage? First, look at your boat insurance policy. Typically, it includes towing and assistance coverage with a limit of $500 or so.

That may be plenty for a small boat on inland lakes or near ports. But it isn't enough if you have a big-ticket problem offshore. That's when a towing policy from one of the following companies might be a good idea.   more...


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For Michigan boaters who insure with Fremont Insurance Co. the towing coverage is $500 for Boat policies and can be increased to $1000 for $15. On Yacht policies the coverage is $2500 and can be increase to $5000 for $25. Visit us at www.fmic.com.10/26/2004 8:39:13 AM
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