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Lake access battles founder on wide variation in laws

photoWhen Joan McCormick first saw her Clark Lake home just outside Brooklyn, Mich., in 1979, the seller proudly showed her the dock where she could leave her boat, right at the end of her road. She bought the house, bought a boat and has docked it there ever since.

But a squabble nearby between a lakefront property owner and backlotters -- those who live just off the lake -- prompted the Jackson County Road Commission last month to ban overnight docking off road ends and order backlotters to remove docks and other personal property from the water. They can apply for dock permits next year, the commission ruled.   more...


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Thanks Peggy I enjoyed discussing the lake access issues and working with you to explain in layman's terms the issue at hand. HB 4698 is the legislation that needs to be passed to set the ground rules of allowed uses at public road ends.8/18/2008 8:02:12 PM
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