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Alinghi SUI 64 damaged by a storm


Three America's Cup Class boats knocked to the ground by violent storm; no one hurt. Serious structural damage is being evaluated

Marseille, France, 12th September - Following the passage of a violent storm and associated high winds through Saturday night (11th September), the racing boats of BMW ORACLE Racing, TEAM ALINGHI and EMIRATES TEAM NEW ZEALAND were blown off their cradles and are lying on their sides on the J-4 pier. The incident took place at 02:40, early on Sunday morning. There were no injuries, only the boats have been damaged.

Gusts of over 65 knots of wind were measured at the time of the incident. Material damage in other parts of Marseille is also significant.

The three damaged boats were the most exposed to the prevailing wind direction. The three others, K-CHALLENGE, LE DEFI and TEAM SHOSHOLOZA, suffered no apparent damage.

Technical teams are currently evaluating the damage and assessing the situation. more...


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Even a moron knows that boats must be tied down when the wind blows.9/13/2004 8:33:06 AM
Of course things could have been differently, but who would have guessed something like this could, let alone would, of happened. And from a thunder strom. So how many precautions should been taken so nothing possible could ever happen. And is that really possible? Anyways, these boat are out of date anyways. They are probably pretty happy something happened like this so they can claim insurance on them and start to build their new designs. Sounds like that is what New Zealand is going to do anyways. They are on there way home to start a new.9/13/2004 12:10:20 PM
This is actually one of those risk management issues that jumps up and bites someone one in the arse every once in a while. "The boat will never fall over in its cradle. Period." Yes, but if it did, how would you mitigate damage to the hull and rigging? If you look closely at the pictures above, they probably score middle of the road for placement of hard object within the area surrounding the cradled boat. Could the compound have been designed to limit the damage in the event of the impossible?9/13/2004 9:00:26 AM
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