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Avoid the snobbery and stick to fishing


Eric Sharp finally writes a article for the Detroit Free Press that I agree with. There's a lot of snobbery and silliness in fly fishing and fly fishermen. There are many ways to fish and one way is no better than an other. So try all the different techniques and don't look down on others for the way or the type of fish they enjoy fishing for.

Read this. It's great!  More... 


GRAYLING -- John Gierach is a writer I usually enjoy, but when I was sent a review copy of his new book the other day, one small line touched a real sore point.  "If you wanted a fish that could sip white wine and discuss Italian poetry, you'd look for a trout," Gierach wrote. "If you needed a ditch dug, you'd hire a carp."  more...


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