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George Peet's Volvo Baptism


article from www.sailingworld.com

ABN AMRO's 25-year-old trimmer George Peet, a Michigan native, says the opening night of the Volvo Ocean Race is one he'll never forget.
December 5, 2005
By Dave Reed

 For both ABN AMRO boats—One and Two—the windy reaching conditions of Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race could not possibly been more favorable for their wide, powerful Juan Kouyoumdjian designs. After 19 days and more than 6,400 miles sailed, they were first and second into Cape Town, their boats comparatively "intact." ABN One—under Mike Sanderson—strolled in with a 547-mile 24-hour record and ABN Two—under Sebastien Josse—a close-follow up with 538. There was hardly a day, said Sanderson, were they did anything less than 400 miles. It was an awesome performance by Sanderson and his crew, who clearly put many hours of preparation to good use, but the standout-award for the leg has to go to the "amateur" effort of ABN Two. Sure they have the advantage of hand-me-down development from the varsity team, but what they did with it is nothing short of astounding. A day after they pulled into Cape Town, we tracked down George Peet, the 25-year-old Detroit native and trimmer, to hear how it all went down.   more...


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Too bad the author did not proof his first sentence. It should be .... could not possibly HAVE been more...12/6/2005 1:27:05 PM
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