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15One of the strangest noises you will ever hear on a sailboat is a mysterious humming noise. Usually, it happens when the boat starts to plane or surf, but sometimes it happens even at moderate speeds.

I must have been very young when I first heard it because I never questioned why it was there. It probably made sense to me in the same way an airplane, or a big truck made noises when they went fast. So why not sailboats. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

It wasn't until a non sailing friend asked me what that noise was that I even gave it any thought. You would think that it takes energy to cause this vibration. That energy must be coming from somewhere. So wouldn't you think it is robbing you of speed? That was when I started asking questions. It amazed me how few people cared. If it is adding drag it isn't very obvious. I have been on some very fast boats that have had some very loud hums. Some people actually grow fond of this high frequency hum. Maybe it has some kind of hypnotic calming effect on certain individuals.    more...


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I have heard the hummm on a hobbie 16 off waikik beach with out a keel and very fine rudders. I have never heard a humm on my melges 24 even when suffing at 22 knots. needless to say it has very fine trailing foils. You might have a good theory.12/6/2004 8:35:18 PM
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