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EDITORIAL: Help for the lakes?


The Toledo Blade

PRESIDENT Bush faces doubts about his credibility on a laundry list of national and international issues. Pundits call him Flip-Flopper-in-Chief. Voters, members of Congress, and foreign leaders question whether they can rely on what he says.

Mr. Bush has a second chance to avoid another entry on that flip-flop list. It involves an issue important to 30 million people in Ohio, Michigan, and other Great Lakes states.

In 2004, Mr. Bush created a Cabinet-level task force to coordinate efforts to clean up and protect the Great Lakes. He asked for a plan, and about 1,500 federal, state, local, and tribal officials spent more than a year crafting it. Almost everyone involved believed the President would provide the federal money to put the plan into action.   more...


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I hate to say it, but my gut tells me the Feds are going to bribe the 8 State/ 2 province region into diverting the great lakes water to other parts of the country in exchange for Federal funding of the $20 Billion restoration plan. Their excuse will be, we polluted it, why should the whole country pay to clean it up, unless they get some benefit from the clean up cost. Thus, the diversion plan would make sence to the other 42 states, although Alaska & Hawaii might object.12/14/2005 11:26:39 PM
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