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Don't discriminate against one water bottler and paint the state as unfriendly to business


The protection of Michigan's waters is essential to our state's quality of life, economy and all that rely on and enjoy this valuable natural resource. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce favors reasonable, equitable and scientifically based water withdrawal regulations that balance environmental protection with the use of surface and groundwater to our citizen's benefit. However, we are strongly opposed to rules based on product restrictions or standards based on arbitrary criteria.

Water has long been Michigan's economic advantage and the reason many businesses are located in this state. It is critical that we recognize the need to balance the goal of environmental protection with that of allowing the use of water as a way of preserving our competitive edge. Unfortunately, policies advanced by the Granholm administration have failed to achieve this balance.    more...


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Don't throw stones at the Governor for trying to do her job. Governor Granholm is only doing what John Engler should have done in the first place when he openly allowed the Nestles Bottle Water Corp. to come into Michigan and take our water without consideration of the consequences. It is easy to pick on what someone is doing and make claims of wrong doing. When in fact , the claims are being bolstered by weak any politically motivated facts that are not at all any part of the issue. That is to say that things like jobs and businesses are are being threatened by the controlling of water being shipped out of State until we can have a better handle on the overall situation of how we will mannage our resources, is profoundly inaccurate to say the least. The number of jobs created by Nestles is only a very small number of people to do the work of driving hilo's and loading trucks, packaging and turning valves to keep the flow of water going to the big machine that does the actual bottling. As for the other businesses of Michigan, they are few in number that even come close to using as much water as Nestles is. So in reallity the focus should be on what the Governor is doing to protect as best as she can, the precious resource that we all are trying to mannage. Water has no Political Party, only the people of the State to be it's steward and protector. The making of a political device of the issue of what to do with the laws that will Govern the use of our water is indeed a very poor way of doing business. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has it's real falts too and they could do a better job of getting to the issues of mannaging Michigan's resources by dealing with them ahead of the issue instead of behind it. We are all aware of the fact that the water is the only issue that needs to be addressed here and that we all need to work together in the effort to control it's use in the future for the generations of people and business to come. If we attack each other and take sides in petty arguing over what is being done, we will loose the one thing we are most surely in need of most. A place to call home and to work and play and build our dreams like everyone else. With this in mind we can reach our goal and preserve for all what we as the people of Michigan are by right the stewards of. Truly the Nestles Corp. can do very well without the water they are using to capital gain but we can not and that is the real issue. Pat Waite, Canton MI.7/12/2005 2:29:42 AM
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