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Tide Begins To Turn Following Mandatory Life Jacket Debate

A major national debate on whether recreational boaters should be required to wear a life jacket while underway in a boat ended last week with little support for the proposal. During a public forum conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), nearly every sector of the recreational boating community - from the boating consumer to the boat builder to the boat dealer to life jacket manufacturers expressed strong opposition to a governmental mandate or failed to embrace the idea.

Speaking before a crowded auditorium filled with boating safety experts, federal and state officials and interest group representatives, BoatU.S. President Jim Ellis urged boaters to wear their life jackets when necessary, but argued that a new generation of inexpensive personal flotation devices that boaters would actually wear rather than stow in a locker on board a boat, as is now the case, is what is needed to reduce the number of drownings.   more...


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I'd much rather see a law requireing all boaters attend a safe boating class. I think this would cut down on accidentts, and make all waterways much safer.9/16/2004 7:31:17 AM
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