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Moose sheds might be record

Jim Ceglar

Jim Ceglar has created quite a stir.

Ceglar, of Aurora, Minn., recovered a set of massive moose antlers from the woods of northeastern Minnesota that is nothing short of astounding.

The huge rack, which weighs 61 pounds, likely is a new world record moose shed.

"It's very impressive," said Mark Braaten of Duluth, a moose calling expert and friend of Ceglar. "They are in perfect shape; there's not a chew mark on them."   more...


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These antlers are very impressive and so is the amount of time that was put in looking for them. Jim is the most avid outdoorsman that I have ever met. It's nothing for him to go in the woods before daylight and return well after dark in search of moose sheds. He has a passion for these animals and an unbelievable respect for nature. I believe these antlers were found by someone who well deserves them!3/29/2006 11:33:54 AM
Dawn Ceglar
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