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Lakes Protected



Michiganders will go from having virtually no protection for their bountiful and beautiful waters to gaining some of the best safeguards in the nation, rooted in landmark legislation passed this week. This is a major, long-awaited achievement in the state that, by virtue of its geography, should be the undisputed leader of all things Great Lakes.   more...


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Yes we now have the laws we need to protect the Greatlakes and all of Michigans water way from abusive use and outright decline with no regulation. What we don't know is if we will have the monies to enforce these new laws or to support the agencies that will be doing the watching and reporting of potential violations of the laws. Just saying that we or you can't take the water without permission is only half of the formula. We need to know that our Government leaders are willing and able to fund this entire package. Without the funds, the words of law are meaningless and won't keep or make a dam bit of difference in the future for any of us who depend on the waters for our livelyhood or recreation. Pat Waite, Canton MI.2/14/2006 12:00:23 AM
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