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Bottler offers sports fields for city water


ImageEVART -- Nestle Waters North America Inc. is in talks with local officials to begin purchasing city water that would be trucked 40 miles to its Ice Mountain water-bottling plant in southern Mecosta County.

To make the offer more enticing, Nestle Waters said it's willing to build 14 acres of baseball and softball diamonds and a football practice field by next year. The Greenwich, Conn.-based company also would relocate at least 300 campsites at the Osceola County Fairgrounds to provide a natural buffer around Evart's water wells.

"I'm tickled. It's like Christmas," said Howard Hyde, superintendent of Evart Public Schools.

Nestle Waters wants a second source of water, partly because the wells that feed the bottling plant near Stanwood are restricted to a monthly pumping average of 250 gallons per minute, the result of a lawsuit filed by a grass-roots environmental group.   more...


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I really am discusted with the way these big money people like Nesle's keep pushing their way with pulling the water out of here for free and then selling back to us . They don't even care about our enviroment at all. They suck it dry and move on to where they do it all over again. These people are not even US corp. They come from France and are exploiting our water and our people without even showing any sign of real concern for the dammage they are doing. The Government took the attitude of we can't legally stop them so leave them alone while we just stand here and watch. I say to all of it , if it were them in my back yard trying to take what was mine they would be stealing and I would shoot them. So much for taxpaying citezens having rights anymore. We have the right to complain and tha's all we have. I will never buy bottled water from the Nestle Co. for obvious reasons but they will never know because of all the stupid people who don't bother to find out what it's really all about. As for these willy little polititions I say go get a life and stop acting like you are important to anyone but yourselves. Pat Waite, Canton Michigan.3/11/2005 1:38:48 AM
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