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A scow spars


I noticed a Classifieds entry in the new Scow Slants (online only) for two Sitka spruce A boat spars. Obviously, these are not anywhere near state-of-the-art for an A scow now, since they probably weigh 150 pounds apiece, but are stellar examples of the sparbuilder's art. They were standard equipment on the new 1961 Johnson hulls, built for Bill Kellett and Clyde Buckstaff. Clyde's father, John D. Buckstaff had died in the previous year, hence the name for the new boat. I don't know what the 1961 boats sold for, but the 3 new ones built two years later were $6300. each, complete with Sitka spruce spars. That's sixty-three hundred dollars, not sixty-three thousand.

One spar was used on John D. for seven seasons, and was replaced with one of the new Proctor 'H' sections, 4" x 5.5", and Buckstaff's new aluminum spar was a single-spreader rig. The second was a joint spare spar, and never used.

As you can see, R.J. 'Regatta John' Bangs is the contact for these spars, he appears above in the cc: line. These would make spectacular flagpoles, although I would be tempted to take off what small amount of varnish is on them, use Gougeon epoxy over the entire spar, and finish off with marine spar varnish, so re-varnishing would only have to take place every 4 years or so. The total length of these spars is about 42 feet, including the deck bury.

They are lying Oshkosh. If anyone in Minneapolis wants one, we have a carbon spar being repaired right now at Windward Boatworks, and will have to make a deadhead trip to that part of the world before next June, with a big trailer, and could bring it up. What is their value? What's a flagpole worth?   more...



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Sorry folks, both spars have been sold.11/18/2004 10:08:39 PM
RJ Bangs
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