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Cherished tradition sparks battle over beach access


Joan GlassGREENBUSH, Mich. (AP) With a dismissive snort, Joan Glass marches past the "Keep Out" sign at the edge of her neighbors' yard and scrunches through ankle-deep snow to the Lake Huron waterfront.

It's still winter hardly prime time for a leisurely stroll on the beach. Crusty snow piles litter the sand; ice floes bob in shallow water near shore. But to Glass, what matters is being able to come here whenever the mood strikes her.

"As long as they don't come up on your property or your house, I think everyone has a right to walk up and down these beaches," she says, shivering in the stiff breeze. "The lakes are there to be enjoyed."   more...


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Obviously Ms Glass has a bone to pick with only one individual. She obviously does not pay the taxes a waters edge property owner does either. Say she's a hiker and likes wilderness areas that are privately owned. Obviously she feels she has the right to trespass because she likes to hike. There are plenty of state parks with beaches to do her thing in. We all equally pay taxes for these. Unfortunately, she wants convenience. If that's the case, you have to pay for it.3/1/2005 1:15:57 PM
Ever since the 1950's people or the state think they own the beach. I remember when in the 50's the state was building the WARREN DUNE STATE PARK. They spent time telling everyone that lived off the beach that they would be able to walk down the road (Tower Hill Rd.) and use the side walk to get to the beach along the creek, and that anywhere within a 100Ft. from the water could be publicly used if it was not garbaged. (trashed). Well, The State fo MIchigan lied. 5 ot 6 years later when the state park was built they charged everyone to go into the park and CLOSED THE EGRESS. There was such an outrage that finally if you had a copy of your tax bill paid you could come into the Park without paying. Well, that lasted just so long and that was stopped. NOW COME THE MONEY PEOPLE...... THE JACKELS... WHO THINK BECAUSE THEY ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO PAY OUTRAGEOUS PRICES FOR BEACH FRONT PROPERTY, PEOPLE WHO PAY LESS IN TAXES SHOULD BE EXCUDED FROM THE BEACH. HA. JACKELS WATCH YOUR BACK3/1/2005 5:23:41 PM
James Landon
This is a tough one...my family owns Lake Michigan waterfront property in Ludington. I can see both sides of the argument here. First of all, it is wrong to just assume that if someone owns lakefront property, that they have lots of money. Our property has been in our family for decades, long before the prices rose so high. This article says that Ms. Glass has an easement to the lake. Having an easment would definitely allow her to the ability to walk down to the lake, but to KEEP MOVING. The last praragraph of this story says that she wants to go doen there and sit. That's the kind of thing you do at a beach, not in the private property corridors of the lakefront. The article also said that she landscapes the easement by trimming the beach grass. As easement does not mean she owns that land, it means that she has the ability to walk along it. She's really not supposed to be manicuring that land. I also understand her point of view. My entire family enjoys walking along the water. So, even though we have our little piece of lakefront, we walk along all of our neighbors' edges as well. Most people are courteous: they don't litter, they walk along, many people smile and say hello. Unfortunatley, there's bad apples out there. One time we came down to the lake to watch the sunset, and some teenagers were down on our property drinking and having a fire. The public beach is only 200 yards away, but they decided to come down to our private part, mostly because they were trying to avoid the police who patrol the public beach. What if one of those teenagers drank to much and died of alocohol poisoning? What if they tried to go for a swim and drowned? They could sue us as the landowner...that's a big reason to not want people on your property. Unfortunately, the tax accessor charges lakefront owners highly...shouldn't the lakefront owners enjoy a little bit of privacy for that?3/7/2005 10:29:27 AM
andrea austin
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