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Great Lake could cool Syracuse buildings


A group of community leaders wants Syracuse to become the first city in the United States to cool its downtown buildings with lake water, saving millions of dollars in energy costs.

The naturally chilled water from Lake Ontario's bottom would be pumped to Syracuse, used to remove heat from air conditioning systems in public and private buildings, and recycled into Onondaga Lake.

An intended bonus: Millions of gallons of clean, oxygen-rich water from Lake Ontario would help speed the cleanup of Onondaga Lake, one of the nation's most polluted bodies of water.   more...


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Not to throw a wet blanket on the Syracuse party (pun intended), but I would imagine that we are looking at a case of the butterfly effect. Sure cooling the buildings with lake water seems a good idea on the surface - a reasonably cheap source of "cool", reducing the load on an overtaxed power grid- but what about the impact on the thermocline of the lake? It would seemingly draw warmer waters down, disrupting an ecosystem that is already in trouble. As for the intended bonus of millions of gallons of oxygen rich water from Lake Ontario being pumped into Onondaga Lake, what is going to happen to the foul water that is displaced? Ah yes, return to the seventies where dillution was the solution to pollution. I believe it is time to start handing out free lobotomies to all community leaders who are interested in saving money on their energy bills at the cost of the environment.10/26/2004 9:24:20 AM
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