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Critic wants Granholm held to her word on environment


"For nearly 200 years, governments have been failing the Great Lakes."

-- Dave Dempsey, author of "On the Brink: The Great Lakes in the 21st Century"

As a mother of three, Gov. Jennifer Granholm says she's used to cleaning up messes. Her administration is dealing with some horrendous inherited environmental messes along the Great Lakes.

The Department of Environmental Quality is implementing the initial phase of cleanup of Dow Chemical's decades-old dioxin contamination of waterways extending from Midland to Lake Huron's Saginaw Bay. Environmentalists contend the DEQ-Dow "framework" for remedy, announced in January, is shaky.

Michigan Environmental Council President Lana Pollack calls the Dow deal "a big disappointment."    more...


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To say I want a Government that is responsible and not taking me down the road with double talk is to want more than I have ever seen from any Government. I agree that we have to watch closely at what Govenor Granholm does and how she handles these criticle issues. While there is little that people can do to bring any Government Official to Back up what they say at any given time. I would be surprised if in the issue of the Great Lakes and the threat of this precious resource being lost forever if any of our trusted Government officials will really act with the courage of their convictions and the will of the people. In my research on all of the issues of polluting the Great Lakes and our countries water ways, I have concluded that polution is big business and that means, we pay some one to create it and we pay some one to clean it up. There is big money in all of this and with that comes allot of campaign help for the politicians. So it doesn't matter how the people feel or even if it's the right thing to do. Government will do what they have always done and that is play the game and make the promises and then leave us standing all alone without anymore than we had to begin with. It's sad but true, that this powerful Government with all of its beaurocracy can't do anything about anything until it is to late to do anything. I only hope and pray that I and my children and grandchildren will be able to cope with whatever the Government does do. Pat Waite pwaite5733@wowway.com4/6/2005 2:14:52 AM
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