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Dennis Conners talks in San Diego


Here's a article from the editor of Sailing Anarchy telling us about a dinner in San Diego with guest speaker Dennis Conner's. I guess this guy doesn't like Dennis very much. But it doesn't seem like this guy likes very many people.

The Fat Man Speaketh

"We reported that DC was to give a talk here in Dago, and talk he did. (Actually DC is not so fat anymore - he apparently has dropped a few pounds). The talk was much as advertised here: It was everybody else's fault, they all had sooo much money, and although he had enough, he didn't know that he was going to have enough until it was too late. He pretty much made a snide comment about everyone over the 20 minutes or so that he talked. Apparently, It was actually quite amusing. Kinda like the Iraqi Minister of Information.

He made one comment about R/P, and then Jim Pugh went and stood right in front of the man! No more bad RP comments. Doug Peterson was there as well. A couple of times DC asked Doug and Jimmy if he agreed with him, and they both said "NO." DC said Kenny had forgotten how to sail.

As for USA 77, he said the boat was slow, the hull was good, but appendages needed work. They didn't know how slow the boat was, because couldn't sail against other AC boats when they got to NZ, for fear of losing the second boat. He also confirmed that 77 was really fucked when it sank. Bow section, almost back to the mast was completely crushed, and that no one knew how bad it really was.

He thought One World probably the fastest boat, then said, "but we think they cheated". DC accused the Swiss of taking all NZ secrets, and implied that Russell had the deal set with Ernesto before the last race in 2000, and that's why he gave the helm to Dean Barker. He picked a successor that he knew he could beat. Said Russ was the greatest, and seemed sincere [really!]. Also some comments about secret signs between TNZ and Race Committee, to get races postponed etc.

DC promised he would be there next time, but needed to fund raise in Europe, as according to him, there are no more American dollars left. he also added if he knew where it was going to be, he would be buying real estate there. No comment about which Yacht Club, or team members he would have. Didn't answer the questions. Right at the beginning he said that he didn't want to read about any of his comments in Sailing Anarchy, and would deny all.

Oh well! As the Circle Jerks once sang, "Deny Everything!"   4/18/03  " 

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