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Soaring back Increased bald eagle sightings have some pushing to change 'endangered' status


Peter McNicholl says he doesn't doubt the bald eagle is less of an endangered bird these days.

McNicholl, who lives on North Dease Lake in Ogemaw County, said he was even endangered himself by a bald eagle while flying a small airplane.

"I came within probably 25, 30 feet of having a collision with one. It was pretty much head-on," said McNicholl, 70, adding that the bird had a wingspan of about 7 feet.

"And it was just a small little airplane. A collision with an eagle like that would probably put the plane down. That was kind of a scary moment for me."

McNicholl's not the only one reporting increased sightings of bald eagles throughout Michigan and the nation.    more...


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message date / author
So can we expect Eagle hunting season to open soon?8/12/2004 8:58:59 PM
I hear they taste like chicken!8/15/2004 8:21:21 AM
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