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Great Lakes a giant `toilet,' study finds


Billions of litres of untreated urban sewage and toxic effluents that flow into the Great Lakes each year are threatening a critical ecosystem that supplies drinking water to millions of people, a landmark study to be released Wednesday concludes.

Even though municipalities in the Great Lakes region have spent vast sums of money in recent decades upgrading their waste-water plants, the situation remains appalling, says the report by the Sierra Legal Defence Fund.   more...

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This article is crap! It's vague, incomplete AND MISLEADING. For instance, it rates Sarnia Ontario with a C, while it doesn't mention the city connected to it by an international bridge (yes, Port Huron is right across the river, folks) and it's twice Sarnia's size. It also happens to be 65% complete on it's sewer separation project. Nor does the article speak of the mandate for (US) cities to comply to EPA standards regarding separation of storm water and sewage... and how many are in the process... and the target date for compliance. The whole thing, from the title on down is insulting. I'm not familiar with the study yet, and I'm sure it's got a lot of merit, and the problem is very real... But to put the sensational spin is way over the top for this sailor! I sit on the BiNational Public Advisory Council, St. Clair River Area of Concern, so you won't catch me minimizing the problems of the Great Lakes... But please, next time you recap a study, do it some justice.11/29/2006 7:44:50 PM
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