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Spring early due to global warming


WASHINGTON -- Every four springs, the state bird, the robin, arrives in Michigan a day earlier.

Endangered woodpeckers in North Carolina are laying their eggs about a week earlier than they did 20 years ago.

And some of Washington, D.C.'s signature cherry trees bloom about a month earlier than they did a half-century ago.

The first signs of spring are appearing earlier in the year, and a study released Monday by Stanford University says man-made global warming is clearly to blame.

Mother Nature has rushed spring forward by nearly 10 days worldwide, on average, in just 30 years, the study shows.   more...


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I just don't buy all this 'Global Warming' crap coming from the liberal side of the scientific community---many, and I do mean many, scientists believe that we are probably just in another cycle of weather trends and that any perceived warming isn't just caused by man's produced greenhouse gasses---the whole liberal left loves to preach doom and gloom and blame humanity for just about everything--they also want to crucify the whole of corporate America and throw America's industrial 'baby' out with the bathwater---I think we are just experiencing a regular warming trend--we haven't been keeping records long enough, just a little over 100 years or so, to really know if we are in danger or if we are just in a regular cycle---Jerry Kunnath ps--the last three years in Michigan haven't been exactly 'warm' if you know what I mean--last year spring went right into fall in northern Michigan with hardly more than a few days over 80 or so--the only global warming I feel is the chafing of my butt cheeks from the irritation of liberal propoganda spewed forth and forced down our throats---yes, that really burns my a** hahahaa5/18/2005 2:29:07 PM
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