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NDI, chart pirates?


I have no tolerance for boaters who rip off electronic charts; the practice hurts decent companies and has understandably led to copy protection schemes the rest of us have to cope with. But one chart manufacturer, Nautical Data International (NDI), has earned its own reputation for pirate practices. It ticked off customers for years with extra high prices, flawed encryption code, and even a “time out” mechanism that rendered charts you owned useless after a certain period. Two years ago, a nasty royalty fight erupted between NDI and the two big chart card companies C-Map and Navionics.   more...


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I do not feel sorry for most of the electronic chart providers. Given the current cost of memory and the fact the the USCGS data is NOT COPYRIGHTED, the price of second source charts be they electronic of reprint charts is often way way out of line. I have no objection to a profit, but these people have caused me to use systems than can use scanned USCGS charts purchased for 15$us of fee ENC charts downloaded. If I could purchase what I want I an effective price. I would not bother with the effort I have expend to get my own.6/15/2005 11:26:19 AM
matt colie
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