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Conflicting report on dredging remains secret


The public will have a chance to comment Wednesday night on a controversial study that clears the Army Corps of Engineers of allegations that a botched dredging job in the 1960s permanently lowered Lakes Michigan and Huron.

But what people attending the hearing in Evanston, Ill., won't get to see is a second report that contradicts the new study's findings.

The reason: That report - essentially a critique requested and paid for by the producers of the new study - is still being reviewed, according to study spokesman John Nevin.  more...

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The people in Georgian Bay are not going to give this up, and I expect to see more articles loaded with their bias and inaccurate information just like this one. My (short version) take on the IUGLS data is that the current low levels are a combination of climate change, the fact that the plate under Georgian Bay continues to rise, and low percipitation over the last decade. I've been to two meetings and have kept up on the report as it has evolved. The actual data on the scouring from the ice jam indicates that it was not sufficient to create their low water levels. Regarding the dredging in the '60's, we have had high water in the region many times since 1962, which makes the bathtub drain theory a little weak. Ongoing "severe errosion since then? Not according to the professional dive teams that work in the river... and most importantly, the 2 toxic deposits from industry that we're keeping an eye on haven't moved. Instead of tampering with the flow of the St. Clair River, which would have huge impacts on those downstream... (what? we should care if it matters to reduce the flow to those downstream?), I think Georgian Bay should take on the minor project of undercutting a portion of the tectonic plate beneath them.5/21/2009 7:11:56 PM
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