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Quinn Fights Lake Michigan Sewage Dumping


Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn assailed "pinheads in Washington" on Tuesday for a proposed federal rule change that would allow cities like Milwaukee to dump more untreated sewage into Lake Michigan.

Quinn said the change would cause more Chicago beach closures and taint drinking water.

The executive director of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, however, said his city's discharges don't cause Illinois beach closures and the EPA proposal wouldn't increase what Milwaukee is permitted to do now.

"It's really impossible for Milwaukee's blended flows to cause Chicago's beaches to close," Kevin Shafer said. The overflows are cleaner than the cutoff point that requires a beach closure, he said.    more...


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Wow, pinheads in Washington. Makes me look well tempered. I like Kevin Shafer's quote though. I guess Milwaukee's effluent doesn't stink. How nice. "Look daddy, is that a brat floating in the water?" Maybe we can get Alicia Silverstone to lobby to become the next head of the EPA.2/16/2005 8:10:34 AM
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