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The Pains of Weighing In


by Wally Cross

Most top regattas have the crew weigh in prior to the first race of the regatta.  After weighing in you are free to pig out without concerns of a future weigh in for that event.  In the Etchell class your crew could be weighed at any time during the event. The more crew weight the faster the boat sails in breeze above 12 true.  It is common to loose up to ten pounds fast to make weight.  I am very use to small amounts of food and water mixed with a sauna prior to weigh in.

Today I am trying to be prepared with a different approach. Instead of starving I have increased my running and two weeks prior to an event I will run up to 60 miles a week. I mix this with a low carb diet, yet keep the quantity of protein, fruits and liquid high. During the last week, the food amount should drop and the liquid intact should dramatically increase. Avoiding sugar and caffeine and alcohol in the liquid form will also help. One day prior to weigh in it is important not to drink any liquid. A large bucket of popcorn seems to fill me up yet add very little weight for the evening dinner. That morning prior to weigh in it is important to not eat or drink a thing. Hopefully you weigh in prior to noon and can have a great lunch.

A sauna, or last run should be the last resort. Make sure you check your weight before stepping on the official scale. Emotionally there is nothing worse than standing on a scale in your underwear and weighing in over your target.

Avoid frustration and be prepared.   


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WC is the English word for toilet (Water Closet), interesting that Wally is discussing diet and eating!!1/6/2005 8:55:42 AM
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