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Wetlands deal smells good, bad


The owners of a landfill in Wayne County have an option to buy 445 acres of stunning Lake St. Clair marsh.

But there's a hitch: They're offering to purchase and protect the privately owned coastal marsh along Anchor Bay if the state compensates them by allowing them to fill 31 acres of wetlands at Woodland Meadows Landfill in Van Buren Township

"They're putting what I might refer to as a crown jewel on the table," said Andy Hartz, an environmental quality analyst with the state Department of Environmental Quality.   more...


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So now we want to trade land and expand the landfill!! Great idea if you don't mind telling me how much Canadian waste is going to be put in it. It seems to me that what is really being proposed here is a lop sided deal to junk one wetland today with no real garanty that they wont want to eventually fill the other one with trash as well. Why do we suddenly need all this new space anyway? We have been allowing the Canadians to dump their trash in our landfills and now we need more room. Well I say if you need more room , then stop allowing waste from outside the State to be dumped here. They do it because of the profit and that's the only reason for it. It's not like Canada doesn't have any place of their own to dump their trash. Another problem here is that they want to change the previous deal that said they would not destroy the wetland they now want to expand into. This entire thing "stinks" as far as I am concerned and I'm not referring to the smell of the trash. If they do that now , what will they do tomorrow when they need more land to create more trash hills. I reallize there is a need for trash to be disposed of and I know it has to go somewhere. What I don't understand is why these plans are not made well in advance and with more effort put forth by government to control the way the trash companies open the door to outside business. The fact that tax dollars are used to pay for the trash handling should give the Government a lot more to say about the business of handling trash. Landfills are a poor way of disposing of trash to begin with. There are much better and safer ways as well as less damaging ways to get it done. I reallize the cost might be slightly higher but in the long run it would be far less expensive to burn or insinerate trash than to keep burrying it and wasting valuable land in the process. Finally I believe that the whole idea of making more landfill is not the way we should be going at all. I would rather see a stop to outside areas putting there trash anywhere but in their own back yard and I don't think we need to keep fallowing this same dumb act of wasting valuable land for these corpporations can keep making their profits without being more responsible to the tax payers. Pat Waite , Canton MI.8/24/2005 12:55:19 AM
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