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Seaway ads aim to build bridges


A St. Lawrence Seaway marketing program, which, in its first incarnation, drew the ire of some members of the Canadian trucking industry, is moving into its next phase as the corporation that runs the seaway looks to increase cargo on the waterway after an improved 2004 season.

Seaway management believes it scored a hit with its multi-media campaign on billboards, radio and television that branded the waterway Hwy. H2O and took shots at the trucking industry as being a less efficient and less environmentally sound way to move goods when compared with shipping.   more...


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It seems to me that the Canadians are doing the whole thing backwards as usual. The shipping industry is one of our most ecologically dangerous means of transporting goods and not the trucking industry. Canadians think first about money and later about how to say "We didn't do that" while all the time they are the ones who ignor the warnings and go full speed ahead. Remember that they were the ones who were first in line to sell Great Lakes water to other countries before we stepped up and challenged it. If they really cared about the ecology they would be building a super highway from the ocean to the Great Lakes Basin and quit all this traffic in the St. Lawrence Seaway. They could still use there freighters to ship things around the Lakes without ever having to see an ocean going vessal here again. But then we would be expecting to much of them to do that I suppose. By the way , what about those trains they own? Couldn't they be employed to move the freight to the Great Lakes Basin. Just thought I'd ask anyway. Pat Waite5/12/2005 1:30:51 AM
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