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In Canada, just across Lake Huron from Michigan, a small town is offering to be the home of Canada's first permanent dump site for radioactive material. The proposed site is a mile from Lake Huron. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Mary Ann Colihan reports on the town's work to get the site and the concerns about putting it close to one of the Great Lakes:

Right now, Canada has nowhere to permanently store its low-level and intermediate-level nuclear waste. This waste is NOT spent nuclear fuel from power plants. Itís contaminated material thatís been exposed to radioactive substances. It could be anything from the protective clothing workers wear at nuclear power plants to parts from reactors, anything thatís been exposed to radioactivity. The Ontario town of Kincardine - located about 250 miles north of Detroit - has proposed that it be the site of a nuclear waste dump.

So why would a beach town want a nuclear dump?   more...

The Woman's Legacy site has more on this issue

Ontario Power Generation's site on the hosting agreement with Kincardine

The EPA's definition of low-level radioactive waste

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canada has done a great job in chemical valley now this cant they figure out that this would be like pissing into the wind it will all come back to us2/15/2005 7:05:10 AM
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