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Beach Walkers Get More Access


Saugatuck- The state supreme court has made it a little more comfortable for people who like to walk the shores of Lake Michigan; and perhaps a little less comfortable for land owners.

In a decision at the end of last week the court ruled people have the right to walk on private beach property as long as they stay close to the water.

Sunday was a beautiful day, and Saugatuck's Oval Beach was packed, but just a few feet away, there was plenty of room to stretch out in the sand, at the private beach.

For 17 years, Ted Swoboda has collected money and taken care of the mile long private beach owned by a wealthy family.   more...


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Yes, this is really vague. If beach walkers get to sit on chairs and camp out in front of private property, I would suggest that waterfront property owners get an immediate tax reduction...pay the same taxes as the non-waterfront owners!8/1/2005 10:49:03 AM
andrea austin
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