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Four local men create relay swim around Mackinac Island


Fifty-year-old Dennis Buist's idea of an exciting weekend might not come close to that of his peers.

Instead of playing the back nine, washing down a burger with a few beers and watching the game on television, a good time for Buist includes a wet suit, three close friends and a large island.

Earlier this year, Buist, an avid swimmer, decided he wanted to embark on a long distance swim somewhere in the Great Lakes. After taking a vacation to Mackinac Island last year, Buist said he decided he wanted to create a relay swim around the island.

But since it was a further distance than he could swim, he decided to invite his friends, Ed Gilde, Dave Newton and Dennis Barber, whom he formerly competed with in triathlons.    more...

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International Hydrofest in the City of St. Clair What a disorganized mess. People paid for weekend passes, paid for parking (including to local churches and local school buses being used for transportation) and the race was cancelled for Sunday. I do agree that the raceneeded to be cancelled but what happened to everyone's money? There were several of us who had planned an outting for Sarnia Bay Marina, that weekend...we were told the boats would be allowed to pass every two hours, beginning at 10 a.m. (for 15 minutes) Several boats arrived at 9:45 a.m. and had to wait until 12 noon to pass. Who would want to sit there for over two hours, when they had been told they would be allowed to pass at 10 a.m.???? What a mess! If they do have it next year, let's hope they are better organized.8/28/2004 9:40:58 AM
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