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Law Enforcement Arrives at Betsie Bay to Close Fishery at Mouth of River

At about 5:15 Monday, the Alert got word from county commissioner Don Tanner that law enforcement officials were headed to the crowded scene at the east end of Betsie Bay to put a stop to both the fish saving and fish snagging taking place there.
Per the DNR’s September 14 press release, the area to be closed to fishing lies between the red lines in the image below.
Tanner said Justin Vanderlinde, Benzie County’s game warden, said the 21-day waiting period for the fishing closure to take effect was under review.
“The biggest problem that Justin has is that people are not listening to them. So they’re sending law enforcement over there to put a stop to all this.” A relative of Don Tanner’s was fishing in a boat Friday and said, “I’m down there at O-dark-thirty and here comes a bunch of guys with nothing but landing nets, no fishing poles at all. They’re taking stringers of fish out of there. That kind of crap needs to stop.”  more...

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