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Mandatory PFD's for Everyone Another Law to Replace Common Sense


It's a nice day, you're sailing along at a couple knots, 30+ foot boat, just kicking back and enjoying the freedom of sailing. Now, given this scenario, are you wearing your PFD? Me neither. It's a decision I've made based on experience, conditions, boat and crew.
      The National Transportation Safety Board has decided not to push for the mandatory wearing of PFD's for everyone, given the input they've gotten from the public and the marine industry itself. Oddly enough, even PFD manufacturers were against it.
      The Coast Guard cites statistics like, "750 boaters in 2002, 85% of those who drowned were not wearing PFDs, even though in many cases, PFDs were aboard."


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Mandatory PFD's just add to "police power", and add a step to "search". Motor cycle people hate the helmut law for the very same reason, but most do promote & wear them all the time. A violation is a valid violation whenever seen by law enforcement even from a great distance. Visual arrests increase (the product of law enforcement) and their recorded records improve. On the other hand mandatory PFD's would save time and money locating victims. Law enforcement people would abuse this new law.11/8/2004 8:16:08 AM
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