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Postings of Race Results - update 9/13/2004


So why does it take so long for yacht clubs to post there results to the internet? Don't you think at this stage of the internet communication network that postings should be able to be done at a quicker rate. Is there anyone out there who has a suggestion on how to quicken or improve this need?

If you have a comment or a suggestion, please click the discussion link below and help out.  editor


As the person that posts the results for PHYC, I can give a little bit of
perspective on the time it takes to post results.

First, most clubs do not have paid staff, but rely on volunteers like me to get
the results posted.  If I were the only one involved, it probably wouldn't take
too long.  However, I just post the results.  To do that, they must be supplied
to me for posting.  I rely on other volunteers to get those results to me.

For those of use that use computers daily, getting the results from the web is
easy.  For those that don't use the web, they don't give it much thought.  For
some, they are also the same volunteers that help to get the results (IE: Race
Committee).  For the most part, they all do a thankless job that only gets
notice on problems, much like those that do the postings. 

In a world that has paid staff, the posting should be up almost immediately
after a race.  For us in the real world (staffed by volunteers), the postings
happen when they happen.  Sometimes it's fast, and sometimes it's slow, but it
does happen.

BTW...when was the last time you thanked the RC for not racing, but allowing
all the others to do so?



Here's a idea. Why don't all of you subscribers thank the race committees members and volunteers right here on H2ONotes. Just click on the disscussion link below and add your "thank you" to the men and women of your race committee for their tireless and the much appreciated work that they do.   editor

Click on the discussion link and join in...

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Thanks DRYA race regatta members for the great job you do every week. This has been a great season and I appreciate the hard work you people do to make sure it is. Thanks again. Michael Thomas9/13/2004 4:06:46 PM
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